Exceptional video content to our clients depends on the team behind the cameras.

At Green Monkey Film we make complex medical products easy to understand through visual storytelling.

Gustavo Cid -

 Owner, Film Director
"It's an honor for me to have such a complete team of professionals working on our clients projects. Having worked so long together makes every stage of the video production transition with ease. Not only making the projects less time consuming, but a lot more fun and it all shows up in the end result."

What makes Green Monkey Film create award winning video productions

Medical Products Expertise

To make your videos as authentic as possible we're working directly with medical personell, to bring your innovative products to video making it feel real to the consumers of your products.

Latest Equipment

We use a wide range of professional-grade equipment like, high-end cameras, lighting setups, sound equipment, and editing software. Our equipment enhances the production value of your videos.

Best In Class Team

A specialized video production team saves you from having to handle all the aspects of video production. With our team of proffesionals at Green Monkey we can guarantee a satisfactory result with your video content.

Your vision brought to life.

At Green Monkey Film, we believe that delivering exceptional videos is a teamwork.

We are a dedicated team striving for professionalism, creativity, and innovation to ensure that every project we undertake exceeds expectations.

Through close collaboration with our clients, we build long-lasting relationships through our projects and serve as a testament to our expertise.

This is the core that enables our clients' videos to effectively communicate their messages.

With our passion for video production, we bring your vision to life.

Working with Green Monkey Film has exceeded our expectations.
Their attention to detail in the video production has helped us
effectively communicate our products to our customers.

John Doe

Manager, ARJO Company


Meet the Green Monkey Film team

We are a dedicated team of film professionals.

Gustavo Cid
Creative Film Director

Gustavo is a visionary leader with a passion for storytelling and visual aesthetics.

Louise Weidenstolpe
Production Manager

Louise excels in budgeting and financial management honed through years in corporate finance. In 2017, she pivoted to specialize in media production.

Cris Costa
Video Motion Editor

Motion editor, VFX artist, 2D and 3D animation specialist with 12 years of experience in the advertising, television and film markets.

Your Ideas shown through powerful videos

We help your ideas come to life with compelling videos that captivate your audience