Promote your medical products in cinematic video

Green Monkey is a video production company in Sweden, Malmo, that produces authentic looking videos that educates the user about how to use your products.

Educate with How-to Product videos
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TV Production Quality
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Video Production Projects

Promote medical products through video

To promote medical products there's a level to detail needed. We need to make it feel authentic with the location, actors and props. It's our speciality.

Branding through customer storytelling

A remarkable documentary production, capturing the inspiring journey of an ex-hockey player who faced a health challenge
To get highest quality results

Video production is a team effort.

Our incredible team is the heart of GREEN MONKEY. Their talent leads to award-winning videos. Their dedication is what keeps our clients coming back for more.

We make your products come to life

How we bring your products to film

Your ideas and goals

It all starts with grasping the scope of your ideas. To put it into making the video project outcome get as close as possible to it's original.

Creative scriptwriting

To get everything set for the production we approach the production with a strategic mindset to get as authentic as we can in the casting and set location for recording.

Final cut delivery

Delivering your video, knowing that it will be of value to not only your company, but the users of your products, is something we at Green Monkey Film take great pride in.