How you go from idea to final cut with Green Monkey Film

The stages of a professional video production process

It all starts with your idea, to then effectivley move it through video productions several stages. Script development, casting, by pre-production, production, and finally, the editing and final cut of the video.

Being familiar with the nuances of the process is where expertise pays off. Losing productivity with either of the stages makes for costly video projects. Each stage requires careful planning to coordinate the production of a video that communicates the desired message.

Script Development

The process begins with developing a script that aligns with the company's goals and messaging.

This may involve working with a scriptwriter or the Green Monkey Film creative team to brainstorm ideas, write the script, and refine it based on client’s feedback.

- We delve into the depths of imagination, crafting captivating stories that touch hearts and minds.
- With meticulous care, we transform these stories into compelling scripts, breathing life into every word.

Pre Production: Casting

Once the script is finalized, the next step is casting.

This involves selecting actors or presenters who will appear in the video.

Casting may include auditions, reviewing demo reels, or working with a casting agency to find the right talent for the roles.

- Casting: Our talented team scours the globe, seeking actors who embody the essence of our characters, bringing them to life with authenticity and depth.- Location Scouting: We embark on an adventurous quest, seeking breathtaking locations that serve as the canvas for our cinematic vision.- Hiring Film Crew: We assemble a passionate crew, each member a master of their craft, united by a shared love for storytelling.- Equipment Rental: Cutting-edge cameras and top-of-the-line equipment become our trusted companions, enabling us to capture the beauty and essence of our world.

Pre Production

In this phase, the production team focuses on planning and preparing for the shoot.

It includes tasks such as location scouting, securing permits, arranging equipment, creating a production schedule, and coordinating with the cast and crew.

- On set, we orchestrate a symphony of creativity, guiding our actors and crew through the intricate dance of capturing the perfect moment.
- With every frame, we strive to encapsulate the emotions and vision that reside within our hearts.


This is the stage where the actual filming takes place. 

Our production team, including the director, camera crew, sound engineers, makeup artist, set designer, costume designer and other necessary personnel, work together to capture the footage.

They follow the script and production plan, ensuring that everything is properly recorded and executed.
- In the editing room, the magic truly begins. We meticulously piece together the puzzle, weaving together scenes that stir the soul.- Color grading adds depth and dimension, painting the canvas with hues that evoke the desired atmosphere.
- Custom graphics breathe life into fantastical realms, transporting our audience to new horizons.

Post production

After the production phase, the footage is taken to the post-production stage where, the editing process begins.

Our editor and director work closely with the creative team to assemble the footage, add music, graphics, and any necessary visual effects.

They refine the video to create a cohesive and engaging final product.

- The music becomes the heartbeat of our film, meticulously composed to evoke emotions and elevate the storytelling experience.
- Sound effects breathe life into every moment, immersing viewers in a rich auditory landscape.
- The final audio mix is a symphony of harmonious elements, ensuring that every word and note resonates with the audience.

Final Cut

Once the editing is complete, the final cut of the video is prepared.

This involves reviewing the edited video, making any necessary adjustments, and ensuring that it meets the desired quality and messaging.

The final cut may undergo further feedback and revisions before it is approved for distribution.

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Gustavo Cid -

Owner, Film Director