Your products come to life through your customers story

In collaboration with Arjo AB, we embarked on a remarkable documentary production, capturing the inspiring journey of an ex-hockey player who faced a health challenge—a blood clot—and found support and recovery through Arjo's empowering solutions.
When diagnosed with a blood clot – it's not only the physical trauma that leaves traces, it is also the mental health issues that comes with the condition. Being able to tell the story in a safe and professional environment with a high degree of respect of Stefan´s journey, means the world. We are super happy with the whole project and love the final portrait of Stefan – all thanks to the team.

Madeléne Carlsson

Senior Global Product Manager

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Gustavo Cid -

 Owner, Film Director
"We are honoured to have been part of this enlightening storytelling project for Arjo, and we are grateful for the opportunity to inspire others through the power of film and the celebration of human resilience."