Introducing Gus Cid, our film director

Gus Cid is  a film director from Brazil with 15 years of experience in directing. As the owner of Green Monkey Productions, Gus possesses exceptional skills in directing actors and leading film crews. Furthermore, he serves as a trusted consultant for companies seeking to create impactful videos. With his expertise and passion for storytelling, Gus continues to leave a lasting impression on the Brazilian film industry.


Bringing Expertise and Skills to Your Projects

With a deep understanding of the medical and biotech industries, Gustavo Cid brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our video production company.

His attention to detail brings authenticity that ensures the feel our clients are looking for with exceptional videos that effectively showcase their medical products and services.

Gus Cid

Film Director & Founder of green monkey film

Get Gustavo as Video Director Consultant for your next project.

increase the likelihood of your medical video projects turning into a success with an experienced film director.